Uniformed Security Officer and Video Surveilance Services

RC Security provides our clients cost-effective solutions in many areas including:

Uniformed Security Officers

RC Security officers present a professional appearance. All officers wear a marked and highly visible professional security uniform.For the Best Private Security Services in Sacramento contact RcSecurity

Security Patrols – Marked Vehicle Hits

Our uniformed officer arrives on property in a professional marked patrol vehicle and conducts a patrol or patrol and walkthrough inspection of the property lasting approximately 15-20 minutes (depends on the type of services contracted – patrol only or patrol and walkthrough). Patrols may be random or scheduled for specific time slots.  The number of visits per shift is customized to the client’s needs.

RC Security officers patrol the entire property including all buildings, streets, pools, hallways, parking lots and any recreational facilities by foot patrol. We use the vehicles only to get to your site unless contracted to conduct vehicle patrols only.

Armed and Unarmed Security Officers

RC Security can meet any and all of your security needs based on the threat level and the requirements of the client. We have armed and unarmed security officers available for 24 hour patrol/guard duty.

Apartment Complex Security

RC Security officers patrol the entire property including all buildings, streets, pools, hallways, parking lots and any recreational facilities by foot patrol and reduce criminal opportunity, burglary, prowlers, loitering, auto theft, vagrancy, and vandalism. We will report all suspicious activities, vandalism and maintenance issues (graffiti, lights out, inoperable doors, locks, water leaks, property rules and code violations, etc.). Patrol Reports can be provided by eMail, Fax or dropped at site at end of inspection. RC security is also available to provide clients with enforcement of general laws, your property rules & regulations, and respond to any tenant complaints, 24/7/365. RC Security also has signage for each of its Patrol Customers notifying the public that states: No Trespassing, No Loitering and all Criminal Offenses will be enforced and or investigated by the on-site Patrol Officers.  This sign is also advises the public that all persons are subject to being stopped and questioned while on private property.

Video Surveillance

RC Security has the unique ability to monitor your on-site security cameras remotely and providing clients with a 24/7/365 response team that can respond to any and all threats to your assets. RC Security will also provide information to local law enforcement to aid apprehension of the offenders.


RC Security provides our clients with a team of professional security officers with a proven track record for your venue. We work hand in hand with your in-house staff and local law enforcement officers as necessary in order to minimize impact on your clientele and limit your liability. RC Security is the preferred security firm for all the major venues of night life in the area. We have the proven track record to get the job done right.

Commercial Security

RC Security can provide security for all of your industrial and commercial needs including:

Warehouse Security

Warehouses face multiple security and environmental threats: foot traffic can expose them to internal and external loss, and faulty environmental controls can damage valuable products. RC security can simultaneously handle these challenges. RC can handle anything from setting up controlled access entry points up to and including biometrics and secure offsite monitoring systems and surveillance.

Construction Site Security Officers

Construction sites are inherently vulnerable to security hazards due to their level of traffic and activity, and the monitoring challenges that they present. RC Security can post guards on-site, provide vehicle patrols; offer on-site and off-site monitoring, covert video and surveillance with special response teams.

Retail Security Service

Each year many companies take costly hits due to internal and external losses. Let us put your mind at ease. RC Security can mitigate your losses and secure your commercial assets with a seamless integration of services, bringing you unparalleled loss prevention and physical safety through risk analysis, vulnerability assessments, and emergency planning. RC Security can offer marked overt patrols on-site and off-site monitoring and covert surveillance.

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